The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program gives residents the opportunity to become active partners in building vibrant and sustainable communities. Is your neighborhood ready to become a Certified Sustainable Neighborhood?


We are a network of cities harnessing the passion of neighbors for climate action and community resilience.

We live in a world in which the impacts of a changing climate and other environmental crises are becoming ever more evident in daily life. At the same time, civic engagement has become more contentious, and connections with others, particularly those who hold different social and political views, are widely seen as fraying. 

Working at the neighborhood level helps build connections, strengthen community pride, and provide ways for residents to engage productively in city government. SNN creates opportunities for direct, hands-on environmental improvement while encouraging a mix of friendly competition and collaborative idea-building and skill-sharing. It’s a unique approach to build community-level environmental action, strengthen neighborhood resilience at both an environmental and social level, and support cities in meeting their climate action goals.

The SNN model builds on a structured yet flexible approach to neighborhood action. Our materials and tracking platform provide neighbors with a wealth of ideas and clear pathways to make change in their neighborhoods. Our training materials and leadership conference build the skills they need to work together toward a common goal. And our structure for cities makes it easy for them to engage and integrate the program into their goals and city infrastructure without having to recreate the wheel for neighborhood-level action.

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